Project ManagementConsultancy

In the fast-track world, it is impossible for each client to have a thorough study of all the technicalities and complexities involved in a construction project. Moreover, each client may not have free time dedicated to monitor and supervise the day-to-day progress. Keeping this in mind, our PMC service has been developed to act as the Client’s Representative in order to protect his interests in a Construction Project. The Client can choose from the range of services our PMC provide:

  • Preparation of BOQ and Tender documents
  • Tender / Bid analysis and Contractor Finalisation
  • Preparation of Contract agreement & program of works
  • Daily Construction Works Monitoring in line with the program
  • Construction Quality Monitoring (Materials and Workmanship)
  • Budget Control and Monitoring & Inventory and Stores Management
  • Contractor’s payment application verification and Payment Advisory
  • Progress Reports (Daily / Weekly / Monthly), Delay Analysis and Recovery Programs
  • Tracking Schedules, Key Performance Indicators and Cashflow
  • Contractual Correspondences, Claims and Dispute resolution management